Keeta is a global payments platform that safely teleports your money

Transfers in less than a second, not days

  • No more hidden fees.

  • No more middlemen.

  • No arbitrary transfer limits.

  • No more entering account numbers.

  • No more waits.

With Keeta, sending money anywhere to anyone is no sweat.

See how much time and money you’ll save with Keeta.



Arrives in:

0.78 Sec

You save:

30 USD*1 Day
*Compared to average of other popular wire transfer services.

Security that stops at nothing

By removing stops on your money’s path from A to B, we take away the chance for bad actors to intercept your payments.

Why we’re secure
  • Collaboration

    We’re working with governments (not around them) to protect your money.

  • Records

    We offer complete transparency and track your money in real-time.

  • Security

    Our payment records are permanent and impossible to edit.

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For Businesses

Collect infinitely, instantly, and internationally

  • Unlimited, rapid payments on a single platform.

  • Lower settlement fees on payments.

  • Turnkey solution you can use right away.

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Borderless. Effortless. Costs Less.