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A global payments platform that safely teleports your money

We connect you with payment solutions that work seamlessly across borders


A network to power it all

Keeta is reshaping global transactions with KeetaNet, a real-time settlement network built from the ground up. At 50 million transactions per second in proven capacity, KeetaNet scales at orders of magnitude more than competing solutions.

We vertically integrate with Banks, FX Providers, and regional payment networks to provide a faster and more efficient way to deliver your payment.

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Tools for global finance

Our Platform APIs are easy to integrate no matter what your current system looks like, allowing you to connect globally. With multi-currency bank accounts and regional payment networks, you can facilitate fast domestic and international payments at wholesale currency exchange rates.

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Keeta Platform

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Banking without borders

Whether you are building financial tech with international capabilities or need a-la-carte solutions, the Keeta Platform is easy to implement. We manage the regulatory landscape in each country and region we serve, so you can focus on building.

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Keeta Platform

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Start building at a global scale

Give your clients the power to open accounts, make payments, and convert currencies in seconds. Keeta Platform offers a fast and low-cost solution that improves delivery of your products and services to your customers, no matter where they are in the world.

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For builders, by builders

Whether eliminating redundancies in cross-border transactions or finding other ways to lower fees and decrease settlement times, we've always viewed the current obstacles within global money management as solvable. We focus on offering solutions that can be trusted by all market participants, including legacy banks, governments, and fintech companies. We believe that an inclusive approach brings us closer to achieving our goal of revolutionizing global payments.

It's personal for us. Our team is distributed across continents and has first-hand experience with the challenges of moving money across borders and between currencies using legacy solutions.

Why Keeta

Efficiency & Accessibility

We’ve created a network that avoids redundancies and outdated infrastructure to maximize efficiency.

A Global Upgrade

We’re committed to helping the global financial system innovate and adopt payment solutions that are instant and secure.

Engineering Excellence

We are engineers at our core. We understand the global financial system and engineered a solution that is more secure, scalable, efficient.


Experience the difference first-hand

We put the Keeta Platform to the test by creating a global payments app. Send payments to friends and family worldwide at lightning speed.

Join our platform today.

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