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Redefining Global Payments

Redefining Global Payments

Today's global payments system is like a highway with tolls every two miles. Long waits and extra fees are inherent to this legacy system. We cut out the unnecessary middlemen and ensure your payment is sent using the most efficient routing.

From curiosity to innovation

From curiosity to innovation

Bank directly with Keeta to grow your business. You can manage all your finances from a single app, open FDIC-insured accounts, avoid unfair fees, and teleport money globally.

A global team

We're a globally distributed team united by a common purpose: to create financial products that have a transformative impact on people's lives.


Our unwavering commitment to innovation enables us to push boundaries and introduce novel solutions that empower individuals and businesses to achieve their goals worldwide.

Working with the system to modernize it.

Improving Accessibility

We're working with governments (not around them) to protect your money.

Modernizing Finance

We're committed to transforming outdated systems and redefining the future of the financial landscape.

Engineering Excellence

We are engineers at our core and dedicated to tackling the most pressing challenges in the financial industry.

Help create a new path for payments

Help create a new path for payments.

We're creating a world of change (literally) with payments that follow you from Mexico to Mississippi to Mumbai. Join us in making instant payments possible for everyone, everywhere.

New Rules to Pay By.

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