For Businesses

Scale your business from Texas to Toulouse

  • Benefit from fewer international fees and avoid processing delays.

  • Use blockchain technology to process government currencies, like yen and euros.

  • Simplify your accounting processes with instant currency exchanges.

Why faster speeds mean fewer costs

Our blockchain technology gets rid of:
  • Middlemen who charge unnecessary fees.

  • Stops and bottlenecks that slow money down.

  • An outdated, fragmented global payments system.

Plug-and-play payments

No matter what your current systems look like, our solutions are easy to integrate. And our APIs are compatible with banks.

Security that stops at nothing

By removing stops on your money’s path from A to B, we take away the chance for bad actors to intercept your payments.

Why we’re secure
  • Collaboration

    We’re working with governments (not around them) to protect your money.

  • Records

    Complete transparency allows you to track your money in real-time.

  • Security

    Our payment records are permanent and impossible to edit.

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