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A blockchain that moves the world's money in a flash.

Fast, efficient, secure, and compliant, Keeta Network forms the backbone of Keeta's global money transfer system.

Tested at over 50M transactions per second, and with 400 millisecond settlement times

Capable of connecting to local payment rails around the world, easing the adoption process

Implements a more efficient blockchain model, allowing for low cost and low energy use

Managed by Keeta, ensuring auditable records in a compliant network

Keeta Network Connects Institutions

Moving money internationally doesn't have to be slow and costly. Keeta aims to fix that, at an institutional level.

Keeta Network is a closed blockchain network that lets banks, financial institutions, and local payment rails exchange funds seamlessly. A fully auditable and immutable ledger provides a single source of truth that all network participants can base their interactions on, eliminating costly delays and redundancies.

Keeta Network Connects Institutions

Our ledger stores, validates and records all data safely.


As a closed blockchain, participation is regulated, allowing only compliant financial institutions to validate transactions.


Consisting of nodes around the world, the network avoids traditional single points of failure and provides world-class reliability and fault tolerance.

Auditable & Compliant

Financial institutions will have full access to and auditability of activity on the network. Regulatory compliance can be confirmed and monitored.

Engineered to adapt to a diverse financial world.

Able to work with financial institutions in different countries and bring them inline to a common standard.

Our blockchain is asset-agnostic, meaning it has the capability to support a multitude of digital assets including fiat, crypto, and others

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