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Keeta Pay

Personal payments that are borderless, effortless, and cost less.

No more hidden fees
No more long waits
No more entering account numbers
No more headaches

Sending money anywhere to anyone is no sweat.


€ 350.00



$ 21,156.37

Arrives in:
0.4 sec
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You save:

$ 6
3 days

Keeta Pay currently works in the US, EU, MX, CA, and BR and has plans to expand.

With Pockets, you can track, save, and send money in groups.

With Pockets, you can track, save, and send money in groups

Get together

Create a friend or family group in your neighborhood or across the world.

Start collaborating

Plan group finances, make one-off or recurring payments, and more.

Stay accountable

Get visibility into everyone's accounts, so you're on the same page—even if you're in different countries.

Send globallyTravel without cashTeleport moneyExchange instantlyTrack who sent money
Simplify your spending with a Keeta Pay card

Simplify your spending with a Keeta Pay card.

Every time you spend, it's instantly updated in the app. Spend freely, while keeping track for everyone in your group.

Keeta Pay
Global payments are instant
Global payments get delayed
Send to recipient email
Enter long account numbers
Manage group finances
Only for individuals
Global payments are instant
Hidden fees that add up
Low costs that are fair
Only allow for payments

Security that stops at nothing

By removing stops on your money's path from A to B, we take away the chance for bad actors to intercept your payments.

Why we're secure

We're working with governments (not around them) to protect your money.

Complete transparency allows you to track your money in real-time.

Our payment records are permanent and fully secure.