Small Business

Scale your small business from Memphis to Mexico City.

Scale your small business from Memphis to Mexico City.Green arrows

Make global vendor payments without incurring extra costs.

Pay employees instantly around the world or in your neighborhood.

Simplify accounting with automatic currency exchanges.

Why faster speeds mean fewer costs.

Our technology gets rid of:

Middlemen who charge unnecessary fees.
Stops and bottlenecks that slow money down.
An outdated, fragmented global payments system.

A future you can bank on.

A future you can bank on.

Bank directly with Keeta to grow your business. You can manage all your finances from a single app, open FDIC-insured accounts, avoid unfair fees, and teleport money globally.

Security that stops at nothing

By removing stops on your money's path from A to B, we take away the chance for bad actors to intercept your payments.

Why we're secure

We're working with governments (not around them) to protect your money.

Complete transparency allows you to track your money in real-time.

Our payment records are permanent and fully secure.

New Rules to Pay By.

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